“The ten most important ways of manipulating the public, as catalogued by Noam Chomsky”


“Noam Chomsky, a fearless critic of the wealthy elite that governs the United States, has compiled a list of the ten most common strategies for using the media to manipulate the people of America.

In the past our communications media have created or destroyed social movements, justified wars, tempered financial crises, and encouraged or destroyed some other ideological currents.

Chomsky has compiled a list of the ten most important tools for manipulating our media. Basically, they encourage stupidity, promote a sense of guilt, create distractions, or construct artificial problems and then magically solve them. Here are the ten most important techniques:”

…as excerpted and submitted by Harleigh Kyson Jr., 2/11/2010:


The strategy of distraction:

The primary element of social control is the strategy of distraction diverting public attention from important issues and changes controlled by our political and economic elites using the techniques of overwhelming the public with continuous distractions and insignificant information.

Distraction strategy is also essential to kill off public interest in the essential knowledge of science, economics, psychology, neurobiology, and cybernetics.

This technique also diverts public attention away from our real social problems by emphasizing matters of no real importance. The idea is to keep the public very busy, with no time to think about the most important principles and the core facts behind our social problems.


The creation of problems, followed by the offer of solutions:

[see also the work of Former UK Green Party National Spokesman and author David Icke.]

This method essentially emphasizes symptons while hiding underlying causes. For example, it emphasizes urban violence or the details of bloody attacks without investigating the causes of these problems. It also creates and manipulates crises that involve economics or violence to encourage the public to accept as a necessary evil the reduction of social rights or the dismantling of public services.


The gradual strategy:

This basically involves gradually implementing destructive social policies which would be unacceptable if imposed suddenly on the public. That is how the the radical right’s new socioeconomic conditions were imposed during the 1980s and 1990s. They include the minimal state, privatization, precariousness, flexibility, massive unemployment, reductions in the purchasing power of wages and guarantees of a decent income. All these changes would provoke a generalized revolt if they had been applied all at once.


The strategy of deferring:

Another way gain public acceptance of unpopular decisions is to present them as “painful but necessary” to gain public acceptance for their future application. This is similar to the gradual strategy. It is easier to accept future sacrifices instead of immediate slaughter–first, because the effect is not felt right away.

Later on, the public is encouraged to believe that “everything will be better tomorrow” and that future sacrifice will be unnecessary. This gives the public more time to get used to the idea of changes to their disadvantage and and their acceptance of them with resignation when the time comes. This strategy was very popular in the Soviet Union in its five-year plans, for example.


Treating the public like little children:

A lot of advertising and propaganda uses childlike speech and children’s intonation, as if the viewer or listener were a little child or mentally deficient. The principle is that if people are treated as if they are twelve years old or younger, they tend to react without a critical sense the way children do.


The encouragement of emotional responses over reflective ones:

This is a classical technique for short-circuiting rational analysis and encouraging critical reflection. It also opens the door to the unconscious for implanting ideas, desires, fears, anxieties , compulsions and desired irrational behavior.


Bombarding the public with trivia to keep them ignorant:

It is important to make people incapable of understanding the technologies and methods used to enslave them. The quality of education given to the lower social classes is deliberately kept as poor and mediocre as possible so that they can be manipulated like sheep.


Encouraging the public to be happy with mediocrity:

This involves encouraging the public to believe that it is is fashionable to be stupid, vulgar and uneducated while encouraging everyone to believe that these characteristics are the essence of the wisdom of the ages.


Encouraging guilt and self blame:

This is an exceptionally perverse strategy. It involves constantly scolding people for their own misfortune because of the failure of their intelligence, their abilities, or their efforts so that they will not examine the structural defects of a social and economic system that enslaves them.

One of the most perverse controlling myths of American society is that if you work conscientiously and long enough, then you will be successful and grow rich. This does happen occasionally to some people, and their success is widely publicized in the media. The few times that this happens, all of us are constantly reminded that if these people can do this, then we can too.

Of course, if you work hard and don’t grow rich, then the problem, of course, is that you didn’t work hard enough or weren’t smart enough and ended up a loser. So no matter what happens to you, the myth remains intact, and America remains a land of opportunity and the greatest country in the world.


Getting to know individual people better than they know themselves:

Over the past fifty years, scientific advances have generated a growing gap between public what the public knows and the knowledge of dominant elites. Thanks to biology, neurobiology and applied psychology, the “system” has gained a sophisticated understanding the physical and psychololgical nature of people. This knowledge is cynically used to manipulate the public as if they were sheep.

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Sea of Marmara UFO Case and the problem of authenticity

It is easy to conclude that YouTube clips of the Turkey Sea of Marmara UFO case are fantastical and staged (as in Project Blue Beam or other disinfo) – particularly the after-the-fact “cockpit” close-ups, showing clearly what looks to be a combination Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet and alien “Grey” face!

The majority of the higher-trafficked YouTube clips feature Dr. Roger Leir narrating (via the 2010 Ventura County UFO Festival, Ventura, CA). The photographer is heard throughout, and the awe in his voice is palpable. Leir claims that the original digital video was shot using an European ISO, with a 200mm lens and electronic “doubler.” Leir also states that he and his team sent the video to the Turkish government and University for further analyses and on agreement that they would issue a report. It is unclear whether either have issued such a report(s).

According to Leir and others, there were witnesses to similar sightings leading up to the “Leir” footage, beginning as early as 2008 and continuing into ’09.

Here is one valid question: why does the closest, best footage came when Roger Leir happens to be there? And what is Roger Leir doing in Kumburgaz, Turkey? If he was following up on earlier sightings then he really hit the gold-mine!

In the YouTube clip, Leir seems to perk up when he mentions a later analysis done by independent Chilean researcher Mario Valdes that focuses on the “cockpit.” (See also Dr. Leir’s web site Alien Scalpel/A & S Research, Inc.) The cockpit footage shows what Leir describes in the Ventura lecture as “a textbook Grey alien.” One would agree, though the “heads” look curiously helmet-like. At the end of the slow-motion close-up one notices what appear to be either ears (antennae?) flummoxing backward as if the entities just realized they’d been caught on film! Many count this “cockpit” footage among the most intimate of UFO sightings in history.

Valdes did photo-analyses and geographic/spatial measurements to pinpoint the position of the craft relative to the coast and sea-level. By his analysis, the case seems conclusive, though again, barring tangible physical evidence, or a statement from the Turkish government or University (to whom Dr. Leir says sent the video on agreement that they would analyze it and issue their findings), the case lingers inconclusive. (As for sending UFO footage to Governments – that’s a bit like asking a tank to do an arabesque…or like asking a brick wall for a psychoanalysis!)

This much is certain – UFO sightings are fast on the uptick worldwide, and the bizarre but steadily reported abductee phenomenon as well. More people wield professional grade digital camera equipment with the ability to instantly share footage on the Web. Indeed, there is no doubt that the World-Wide Web is leading to an increase of both interest in, and acceptance of, the UFO phenomenon.

But again, in our era of Government disinformation, agents provocateur, and high-technology black-budget military projects, we just cannot claim to know for sure. And high-tech digital graphics software are more accessible – along with the potential for manipulation of images, where only a decade or two ago the situation was different. If the Sea of Marmara footage had been shot in motion-picture film, say, in the 1980s, we would not have seen a fraction of the imaging detail. And we’d know to count out Photoshop or ProTools!

Sadly, as titillating as it is, the Turkey Sea of Marmara UFO case (like so many others), lingers inconclusive without physical evidence or “the authorities'” stamp of authenticity. But here again, if a government were to give such certification, would we believe it? Would that be enough?

Enter Richard Hoagland

In the past, photo/video capture of a UFO was rare, but if there was a “hit,” analysis of analog 35mm or 16mm film was simpler because in those days film was produced using a known chemical process. Corrections, scratches, or other anomalies were easier to account for. Exceptions are photos taken in interstellar space: NASA’s on-board photographic equipment for orbiters and satellites is varied and often at the mercy of whichever company wins the contract for this or that particular mission.

NASA and its contractors (famously the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Malin Space Science Systems, long cited by Richard C. Hoagland) have a long, steady history of putting out disinformation concerning evidence that could be used by Ufologists and in the search for alien intelligence.

One case illustrates the complexities involved in confirming even official photographic evidence of UFOs from the pre-digital era – in this case lunar ground anomalies – 2008’s New York Times bestseller Dark Mission. involves former NASA consultant to the Goddard Spaceflight Center and Science Advisor to Walter Cronkite, Richard C. Hoagland, who reported for CBS News live from the Jet-Propulsion Laboratory during the ‘69 televised Apollo moon landing. NASA’s Apollo 10 catalog of Hasselblad images taken in orbit (NASA publication SP-232) shows “blacked out and dramatically darkened images” (fig. 4-14, p. 232). Hoagland was first alerted to possible artificial lunar artifacts by the fantastical, “Stranger-than-fiction” type 1980s book, We Found Alien Bases on the Moon, by one Fred Steckling.

By happenstance, comparisons of images in this book with later evidence and maps of the moon led Hoagland on in his quest to uncover the truth about Lunar and Mars artifacts. Around the same time, an unnamed “inventor and industrialist who had founded a company based on his perfection of a unique military optical technology,” and “with extensive NASA and military contacts” (Hoagland and Bara 188) also convinced Hoagland that there may be something to this.

Through a NASA contact, Hoagland ordered what he thought were corresponding images of the regions in question from Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. When the prints arrived in the mail, discrepancies between the catalog and prints alerted Hoagland to, one, the importance of the Apollo 10 images in terms of “ruins on the moon,” and two, a “pattern” of dishonesty and disinformation emanating directly and un-apologetically from NASA (and notably the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California (Or the “Jack Parsons Laboratory” as Dark Mission would have it. (See pp. 298-306: “The Caltech Rocket Programs of the 1930s.”)

Hoagland had obtained a “historic lunar atlas” (p. 185) compiled by the Space Sciences Laboratory of now defunct North American Aviation, Inc. Between the atlas and the NASA catalog, Hoagland determined that those photographic negatives containing possible evidence of “ruins” on the moon had been curiously misnamed, double-named, darkened, or even “blacked-out,” and that conspicuously, these largely fell in the ‘AS10-32-’ batch of negatives. The supposed ruins included “the Shard; “the Tower”; “the Cube”; and “the Blair Cuspids”. During the mid-‘90s and later, developments in imaging technology made it possible to re-analyze the Apollo negatives. Hoagland’s “ancient lunar dome” hypothesis emerged. (For more see Dark Mission pp. 183-268 et seq. Endnotes p. 615). While NASA representatives have claimed “accidents of light and shadow,” NASA itself kept an entire database and commissioned (at least) one official study on “transient lunar phenomena.”

The film negatives are what they are and it was only through a roundabout and largely happenstance set of circumstances that the lunar “ruins” were discovered.

The difference between the Apollo and Viking “analog” era and ours is indeed drastic – digital photography means that down to the pixel an image may be altered and any metadata erased. The 1998 Mars Global Surveyor/Malin Space Science Systems debacle is the prime example (pp.355-378; pp. 379-400.) But Hoagland’s cavernous journey through the years with NASA reminds us that even so, it is still not easy to analyze even a standard photograph and come to a firm conclusion about what it depicts!

– d.g.w.

July 2011

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Change Gmail name

Do you have “suchandsuchandsuch” as the name that shows up in quotes next to your Gmail address?  Are you using your first and last name but worry about this showing up online wherever you send an email? Change it!

There are two obvious ways:


1)  Log in to Gmail/Google mail.

2)  At the upper right of your browser, click your email address to reveal a drop-down list.

3)  Click Account  Settings. The Google accounts screen opens, with subheadings Profile, Personal Settings, and *My  Products down below.

4)  Under the Profile subheading, click Edit your personal info. The Edit personal information screen appears.

5)  Using the “First name” and “Last name” fields, change the name associated with the Gmail account (the purpose of the “nickname” field is unclear. You don’t have to use your full name; however, the “Last name: ” field requires at least one alpha character. It doesn’t have to be your full name, and better that it not be, for security purposes.)

*NOTE: Under the My Products subheading you will see icons for the various Google apps – Analytics, Book Search, Docs, etc. If you need global access to these apps, here is one page for that.


The other way is simply to repeat steps 1) – 3) but navigate to the Edit Personal information screen via Personal Settings instead – that’s the section just to the right of the Profile subheading on the Google Accounts page). You will see the list “Security, Dashboard, and Email addresses, Multiple sign-in, and Connected accounts.”

1)  Under Personal Settings < Email addresses  click “Edit.” The very same Edit personal information screen appears.

2)  Edit the information in the name fields to change the name associated with your Gmail account.

– dgw


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WHO report on mobile phone electromagnetic fields

There has been much recent research into the matter in light of the World Health Organization’s recent findings that (surprise surprise) cell phones cause cancer. Here’s the original paper that caused all the stir:  Or rather, cell phone signals cause cancer. “Electromagnetic fields and public health: mobile phones [Fact sheet N°193 May 2010] “

Wireless signals and cell phone signals – ambient yet powerful electromagnetic radiation – are crisscrossing our skulls every moment of every day and night. What the WHO probably knows and does hint at here is that in addition to the cancer causality, such radiation has subtler affects –  such as interfering w/ the body’s natural energy field; and the other hint is that wireless Internet signals also fall in a similar category, but I think the WHO yielded on that subject…too controversial.

Nature; ecosystems; organisms are highly sensitive. Nature and the human body are also adaptive, yes, but the newness and worldwide barrage has to be causing something.


I use a Clear USB modem for Internet, though I’ve modded it to create a LAN w/ normal wi-fi frequency, but these 4G signals are strong. If I use it with my desktop, it’s sitting there, sticking up right between my legs! I’ve sinced moved the motherboard box.

I’ve heard from some sources that wireless signals can even modulate – as in move – like an amplitude meter arrow – certain of the liquid organic matter in the human brain. My cousin, who has an M.F.A. in Creative Writing almost completely eschews computers, preferring to write longhand. If he has to write with a keyboard, he’ll make sure the Internet is turned off, where possible. This comes from advice from people in the publishing industry, screenwriters, and other writer friends generally. The Internet and cell phone signal radiation affect our brains.

I enjoy writing on my blog and I can say without a doubt that it is easier – when writing a difficult or nuanced piece – that I’m better off doing it w/ Windows Live Writer or on Notepad or paper first. It’s always handy to have the Web there to look up info – especially if you write on technology like I do – but it’s easy enough to turn it off, and back on when needed.

We need to figure out some shield; some radiation-absorbing material to aid w/ this problem. Perhaps construction/zoning codes should be revised to include such shielding in apartment building walls – interior and external walls. Or, for the WiMax/3G/4G “hotspot” technologies that are now proliferating (even phones are thus capable – Google’s Android, for example)

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End of Days –

According to a relatively well-known Christian preacher and religious group May 21, 2011 is the end, or the beginning of the end, of the world.

Nothing drastic happened. And it’s 11:27 p.m.

But there are hints amid the storm of current events that “the news” cycles through and then drops.  Then there are the minutiae (see next post) that we don’t know about or aren’t told about…

Today the Israeli Prime Minister (again, I don’t know details)  predictably rejected U.S. diplomatic – and the U.S. President’s – demands that Netanyahu halt West Bank settlement construction. The State Department Special Envoy to the Middle East (a key post since the Clinton days), George Mitchell, resigned about a week ago. We can guess the reasons. Mr. Netanyahu was heard on television today categorically rejecting the latest U.S. offer. They stopped negotiating with the Palestinians per se when Yasser Arafat died,  barricaded by the Israelis under a sort of house arrest in his “compound.” And so since a Palestinian state does not officially exist, Israel does not officially negotiate with them. The U.S. is the only entity Israel will talk to, as they feel the rest of the world and particularly the U.N., are against them. It’s a diplomatic game, but a very important one, symbolically and otherwise, and “concessions” are what U.S. diplomacy perennially seeks and usually does not get. As for Israel, the last Prime Minister to engage seriously in “peace talks” and make significant concessions was assassinated…otherwise the two peoples have been in a state of either hot or cold war since the country of Israel’s U.N. recognition in 1949 (after a war in which, against incredible odds, Israel was victorious)…

Two points – we in the West (if I read “us” right, and I don’t claim to) see the End of Days as, one, “near”, and two, as deriving from the Holy Land – Palestine – the land of the founding of the Christian faith and the land of the Bible. A tiny but historically steeped piece of real estate.

D.H. Lawrence’s Apocalypse1, is a unique book and somewhat of a memoir. This was Lawrence’s last book – he was purportedly “a dying man” according to the 1966 Viking Edition Introduction by Richard Aldington. The long essay offers a glimpse into how Lawrence feels the biblical Book of Revelation influences the Western lore of an “End Times.” Lawrence argues that it derives from a Jewish mindset, reaching far into history.

Lawrence desires to clear up the first misconception with the opening sentence:

“Apocalypse means simply Revelation…”, though he grants that it’s a bit more complicated than that. His overall point is that the religion of his childhood is a huge part of his being, and the book is an effort, in his dying days, to come to terms with that:

“[T]he Bible, in portions, (was) poured into the childish consciousness day in, day out, year in, year out, whether the consciousness could assimilate it or not…” (p. 4).

Lawrence was a scholar of the ancient Greeks; his specialty the Etruscans of 700 to 300 B.C., and he believed they lived life as close to the best it could be (and that this is reflected in their architecture, mythology, prose, etc.). My view is that Lawrence, like many, believed that the early Church was pure and good, but became corrupted. Hence the opening sentence – “[a]pocalypse means simply Revelation” – a contradiction in the Christian mind, but one we readily accept.

Four quotes, all from Chapter Two, summarize Lawrence’s view of what happened in those halcyon yet brutal days:

In Jesus’s day, the inwardly strong men everywhere had lost their desire to rule one earth. They wished to withdraw their strength from earthly rule and earthly power, and to apply it to another form of life. Then the weak began to rouse up and to feel inordinately conceited, they began to express their rampant hate of the “obvious” strong ones, the men in worldly power.

  – (p. 17)

To the underground early Christians, Babylon the Great meant Rome, the great city and the great empire which persecuted them. And great was the satisfaction in denouncing her and bringing her to utter, utter, woe and destruction, with all her kings, her wealth, and lordliness. After the Reformation, Babylon was once more identified with Rome, but this time it meant the Pope…

  – (p. 11)

…[they] took over to themselves the Jewish idea of the chosen people. They were “it,” the elect, or the “saved.” And they took over the Jewish idea of ultimate triumph and reign of the chosen people. From being bottom dogs they were going to be top dogs…

– (p. 13)

So that religion, the Christian religion especially, became dual. The religion of the strong taught renunciation and love. And the religion of the weak taught Down with the strong and powerful, and let the poor be glorified. Since there are always more weak people, than strong, in the world, the second sort of Christianity has triumphed and will triumph. If the weak are not ruled, they will rule, and there’s the end of it.

   – (p. 18)

And finally, an old man in his final days, “…when people are mere personifications of qualities they cease to be people for me.” (p. 8)

Valid sentiment.

What of the end of days, or Apocalypse? If you consider it, it isn’t really possible to judge an era until it’s over. But overpopulation, environmental destruction on a monolithic scale, economic and social decline – I favor the disgusting but very analogy of the frog sitting in slowly boiling water. . . and so to apply it to the United States itself, I also like the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure scenario:

a “founding father” – let’s say Thomas Jefferson or John Adams, or one cut from that sort of cloth – transported to the present day, maybe their old stomping ground – Philadelphia, or Boston. Would Jefferson or Adams believe he were living in, say, the normal trajectory (aawwww within bounds, say) of a nation, 300 years hence? Or would he believe, upon walking the streets and examining the situation in its totality, that  he was living in the end times?

1 (Lawrence, D.H. Apocalypse. The Estate of David Herbert Lawrence, 1931. Viking Compass Edition, New York: 1966.)

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Clear WiMax USB modem ( by ebee)


Computer ware is designed with the human (the end-user) in mind, and looking at this little example, one can see how close we are to AI – it’s right arounbd the corner.

Check out the specs on Clear’s “4GWiMax” device, which plugs in to a USB port on a computer and creates a “hotspot” with twin internal antennas that broadcast and receive from Clear towers (actually space Clear rents from existing cell phone transmitting towers/stations)



No wonder, at places like the University of Washington, the Engineering department “Technical Communication” (a pretty non-specific name, anyhow) was renamed two years ago to the Department of <em>Human</em>-Centered Design and Engineering.</h3>


Below: Federal Communications Commission (FCC) details from registration docs on the device (emphasis my own):

Construction of the (TWIN SAM V4.0)
shell corresponds to the specifications of the Specific
Anthropomorphic Mannequin (SAM) phantom defined in IEEE
1528-2003, EN 62209-1 and IEC 62209. It enables the
dosimetric evaluation of left and right hand phone usage as
well as body mounted usage at the flat phantom region. A
cover prevents evaporation of the liquid. Reference markings
on the phantom allow the complete setup of all predefined
phantom positions and measurement grids by manually
teaching three points with the robot.
FILLING VOLUME Approx. 25liters
DIMENSIONS Height: 810mm; Length: 1000mm; Width: 500mm
CONSTRUCTION Symmetrical dipole with l/4 balun enables measurement of
feedpoint impedance with NWA matched for use near flat
filled with brain simulating solutions.
Includes distance holder and tripod adaptor
CALIBRATION Calibrated SAR value for specified position and input power at the flat phantom in brain simulating solutions
RETURN LOSS > 20dB at specified validation position
POWER CAPABILITY > 100W (f < 1GHz); > 40W (f > 1GHz)
OPTIONS Dipoles for other frequencies or solutions and other calibration conditions upon request

Below is a screen cap of the actual page (for some reason a PDF could not be extracted from the page or its source):





So there are even industry recipes for “tissue simulating” material (in this case “liquids”)? I especially like the little Ingredient-to-Muscle Simulating Liquid table. And preservatives go in foods, right? The above page shows that an anti-fungal-bacteria drug, manufactured by Bayer AG, is in that little USB device, too. Maybe we need it here in mossy, rainy, and potentially mildewy Seattle…


It’s all public record: computer hardware all have FCC IDs where you can see the company’s submitted manufacturing paperwork, with signatures and everything. The companies by law must submit these details.

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UFO Truth Conference Washington State

UPDATE 3/4/11:

Curious information relating to the 2011 UFO Truth Conference surfaced on CoasttoCoastam.com, and was brought to this blog’s attention via Charlie A. of Truthevent.com.):

The William A. Bugge Bridge on Washington state’s Olympic peninsula was unexpectedly closed for an hour on Saturday, February 26, as an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine transited Hood Canal. The submarine was escorted by an Island-class cutter of the U.S. Coast Guard and several additional ships and small craft. Area residents have observed increased activity out of Naval Base Kitsap in recent weeks.

Parapolitical.com 3/4/11


An SSBN transit. February 26 was the same day as the Conference (see below), which was held at a (supposedly) decommissioned Navy fort. Many coincidences in this world…



--  Peter Davenport: Passive Radar for the Detection of UFOs (ongoing Davenport project)
--  Peter Davenport: The Death of Todd Sees. "It suggests to me that we are not entirely safe on this planet and these things may happen from time to time."
--  Peter Davenport: UFO elk abduction. Highly unusual case reported to NUFORC.
--  Peter Davenport: The Phoenix Lights  WA State UFO TRUTH Conference 2011.

Port Townsend on the Olympic Pen.

Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula. February 26, 2011.

Amid a growing number of conferences and informal meetups around the country, the “UFO Truth” Conference was held at an abandoned military barracks on the Olympic Peninsula this February 26. Meetup.com and SUFON helped promote the event.

Fort Worden State Park

Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend, WA. USA, February 26, 2011.

Braving transportation difficulties (where the heck is this place??), grey blustery cold, and flurries, an audience filled Fort Worden State Park USO building to hear three leading UFO researchers…

James Clarkson slide

James Clarkson, retired WA police officer, presents sightings submitted to MUFON.

MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) – the umbrella organization for UFO reports at the national level is, perhaps because of its breadth and its numbers, rife w/ infighting and switcheroos; the like, to match any political party. (and don’t be fooled – the UFO/E.T. phenomenon has, in the last five years, and particularly in the last two, reached a critical mass that places it well within the realm of a “political movement”). Washington State MUFON (now ex) Director and ex-civilian and military police officer James Clarkson presented slides and a no-nonsense angle.

Some express surprise a Clarkson’s 20-year career as a cop. Does that make his testimony doubly hard-hitting? Others counter that there are few who have heard more UFO reports than law enforcement…but still, say for example you call the Seattle PD and say, I saw a UFO and a bunch of lights came down – green, blue and pink! It’s right above my house! Could you send an officer please now!!!”). But it doesn’t mean that, beneath the professional veneer, these men and women don’t have eyes and ears like the rest of us.


    British writer and ufologist Nicholas Redfern

British writer and ufologist Nicholas Redfern (Sy-Fi, MSNBC, CNN, etc.). Is that Reagan? Redfern had some very deep, novel ideas. His scope may have outreached this particular American audience...

Writer Nicholas Redfern, from England, presented his view on the socio-religious implications of the alien phenomenon, referencing Aleister Crowley and the occult – “aliens as demons/demonic” entities. Redfern also related a story about a priest he’d interviewed who was purportedly involved in U.S. Government efforts to contact the “Grays” telepathically.

Evidence and testimony obtained  showed that the experiments made some headway; albeit that success was tempered by a strange milieu of technological malfunction and physical sickness on the part of the experiment’s participants (not out of the ordinary to those familiar w/ the so-called “Grays.” (Also called “Zetas,” in reference to their purported home-base in the Zeta-Reticuli star-system).


Nick Redfern @ UFO Truth WA 2011

Nicholas Redfern, Port Townsend, WA USA. February 26, 2011.

Mr. Redfern referenced the pop-culture aspect of “the alien”, for example Whitley Streiber‘s series of books (Streiber’s Communion was made into a Hollywood movie). As for the priest and the telepathy experiments, Streiber’s books on the Greys, Redfern believes, contain info gleaned from just such government efforts (secrets have a way of worming their way into the mainstream in one form or fashion, as the great Richard Hoagland points out)

For the record, Redfern has made some very mainstream media appearances, including the Sy-Fi Channel, CNN, and MSNBC.


Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion: (left to right) Clarkson (MUFON WA), Redfern, Davenport (NUFORC).

Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, USA, (and featured in this past issue of Seattle Weekly [http://www.seattleweekly.com/2011-02-09/news/peter-davenport-believes-in-ufos/]), distilled the UFO problem down to five “questions” (below). Davenport revealed to the audience some very compelling NUFORC-reported sightings – of which the Center has catalogued thousands upon thousands –  and featured some fascinating audio recordings of phone calls.

Peter Davenport

National UFO Reporting Center Director Peter Davenport.

The “Phoenix Lights”

Davenport provided the best overall schematic of this vast and difficult field (a tough subject for one person to tackle in a slide presentation…). Davenport, nationally-known in the field of ufology and a man with many insider contacts, closed his presentation with a recap of the 1997 “Phoenix Lights” – which he considers “the most important UFO-event in modern times.”

Clarkson, Redfern, Davenport panel discussion. Port Townsend, WA. February 26, 2011.

Davenport (above, at right) displayed photographs, maps, and schematics showing the extent of that veritable “armada” of silent craft the infamous night in 1997 (how time flies!).

Using multiple witness testimony as a form of geographic triangulation to pinpoint one of the most visible craft, in one example during his presentation Davenport estimated that just one light on one of the craft equals in size Seattle’s Boeing field!

Davenport alsoprovided some candid insight into (then) Arizona Governor Symington’s awkward position during the ordeal (including Symington’s public statement ten years later that – barring any further U.S. military information on the matter, the craft had to have been “alien spacecraft” (-Fife Symington, 2007).

– d.g.w.

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