web “hosts” they own it and etc.

So I have another 3 and a half weeks left of my dad’s rent, and I’m still job hunting. I think there’s a reasonable chance I’ll have found something by then. I need to be serious though and be looking every day.

I’m hoping maybe Steve will let me work with him. Kolya’s working with him this summer. I did ask both of them; offered my help for doing whatever they might need done. Carpentry and construction stuff.

I’m still working on my web site de temps en temps; I’m a little weary of Google’s domain “design” interface thing – it’s limited as to what you can do. A bit dumbed down for the lay-person, I guess. I don’t know, I’m a lay-person on the web design and language side of things, but I wish it was more flexible as a WYSIWYG and word processor kind of thing. Like in Word, you can do all the word processing, word art, images, etc.; and then save the file as an HTML doc. Google’s web hosting should be more like that; better usability. Well if I can learn some HTML I could make my site look way more legit and professional, but right now I know next to none. We’ll see. I have my domain space for a year ’til I have to renew it.

We’ll see what else can be done and if I can interface another app with Google apps – like import my web pages from another program like with MadCap Flare – and just use Google to generate and publish – kinda thing.
Ya ya this is all vague-like. Well the web isn’t exactly a crystal clear phenomenon then, is it?

’til next time,

i’m out like busta douglas, hast la vista, m.c. trouble. Rest in Peace.


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