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Migrating to

Hmm…sad to say, now a couple months hence I still have not made any tangible progress on getting a real web site up and running – with or without I’ve been flipping through WordPress for Dummies – helpful for pointing one in the right direction – but integrating WordPress with a web host is complicated, despite the giant WordPress Codex library of info, and the several web hosts that WordPress partners with for just this purpose. (But these are not generally free hosts.)

Biggest obstacle: no credit card (needed to purchase a hosting service), so I’ve had to search around for an adequate free host. Not an easy task, as there are many, most of which don’t automate things as nicely as the fee-based hosts.

Also, I lack a coherent theme for my web site. I know I want it to reflect my skillset and training, which is technical writing and editing with political observations thrown in the mix (The WWW is, as many have predicted and bemoaned, coming under increasing government scrutiny world-wide, and this issue needs very close attention in my opinion.

I’d rather a web site or blog be meaningful than just a mishmash of topics and diary-type entries. We’ve far too much frivolous crap out there in “cyberspace” as it is (a reflection of the proliferation of idolatry and self-aggrandizement fostered by blogging and, in particular, the major social-networking sites (Facebook; MySpace). I’m not going to add my bit just for the heck of it. Who cares? And then when you come back two weeks later you yourself don’t even care about what you wrote! Either way, we’ve enough information floating around this 21st-century wired world to go around, so why add to all the fluff if not meaningful, helpful, a contribution in some form or fashion.

Might as well just keep writing on OpenDiary if that were the case, and keep it personal.

– d.g.w.       1/24/09


Well I am preparing to (attempt) to migrate my blogs to their own URL with and PHP.

It now seems feasible. And since I already own – or have rented my own domain for a year from GoDaddy – I’m part of the way there. I just hope that Google “Analytics”, whatever that is, doesn’t get in the way. Google was the middleman, so to speak, through GoDaddy when I bought the domain for a year, but as far as I can tell merely as a framework to create the web pages. I started bloggin with WordPress, after I found out that Google does not make it very easy at all to create a viable web site through their little Google Analytics or iGoogle tools, and was looking for an alternative. I’m more inclined toward blogs than web design, anyhow. I haven’t investigated the whole Dreamweaver and whatever else/HTML thing for creating original web pages. WordPress templates suffice for my purposes. I’m mainly just writing – with a few photos and stuff, as opposed to designing and et cetera.

Anyhow, I should still have all of my web site account info avail. through GoDaddy for the host that I’m using, It’s a free web hosting site but it seems reputable, and provides a goodly bandwidth and disk space.

Moving my blog content should be the easy part. I think all one has to do is do an FTP upload of the blog, in XML form to the web host. I suspect getting the details right will be the hard part. My hardware is good, so I just hope the various parts will come together and I can do it. I only have one URL – – and since I don’t have a credit card right now I can’t very easily buy/rent any more. But I can pay someone I suppose. I don’t know. It would probably be a good idea to get a credit or debit card if I’m going to seriously be doing this stuff, and for other external reasons too. I need the plastic. You know.

So I’m just journaling here and I ‘spose if anyone out there reading this (if that isn’t too remote a possibility) has any ideas, I’d love to hear them.

– d.g.w.


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Sigur Røs

Sigur Røs are an exceedingly unique and organic rock slash folk slash pop ensemble who came home to Iceland in 2006 to play a series of unannounced, free concerts in various outdoor venues and near various Icelandic villages who have had little exposure to live popular music.

Sigur Røs' concert/documentary "Heima" (Smekkleysa2006)

The result is is Heima (roughly “home” in Icelandic). Heima includes shots of the band and audiences in diverse settings all over Iceland.

It’s an amazing film; the cinematography has a true-to-life tonality and contrast that both showcases Iceland’s long, long history; and its famously serene yet severe, stark landscape. A wonderful film with a documentary-like approach devoted as much to the unique landscape and unique people of that isolated island nation.

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