Sigur Røs

Sigur Røs are an exceedingly unique and organic rock slash folk slash pop ensemble who came home to Iceland in 2006 to play a series of unannounced, free concerts in various outdoor venues and near various Icelandic villages who have had little exposure to live popular music.

Sigur Røs' concert/documentary "Heima" (Smekkleysa2006)

The result is is Heima (roughly “home” in Icelandic). Heima includes shots of the band and audiences in diverse settings all over Iceland.

It’s an amazing film; the cinematography has a true-to-life tonality and contrast that both showcases Iceland’s long, long history; and its famously serene yet severe, stark landscape. A wonderful film with a documentary-like approach devoted as much to the unique landscape and unique people of that isolated island nation.


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