The Hum

The Hum. It’s worse – can be worse – than mere noise pollution. To those who can hear it – a small swath of the population – the Hum sounds like a slightly peircing, electrical pulse or putter that seems to come, and indeed does come, from thin air. The cause is mysterious. According to John Dawes, the Hum is an interaction of portions of the power-grid with the earth’s gravitational field and ionosphere.

And it’s here in Seattle

I live next to a big institutional-type buliding here in the Rainier Valley, Seattle, WA, and next to the house is a telephone pole with a couple big grey battery things (I don’t know the technical term) plus a “splitter” which, I am told by an experienced carpenter and electrician I know, doubles the voltage in the adjoining power lines. 

The Hum has also inflicted itself on citizens in Taos, NM and in Bristol, UK (where we had the first reported cases in the 1960s) to the point where local authorities, the media, and in Taos then-congressman Bill Richardson, all got involved in order to expose the phenomenon and advocate for its victims.

Researcher John Dawes, from the UK, put up the only web page that I have seen devoted to explaining The Hum:

There has been a “whitewash”, as Dawes puts it, of the phenomenon. It does not get attention commensurate with the harm it causes human-beings (and probably some animals as well). It’s fairly clear that there would be a financial interest (i.e., the hugely prosperous energy industry) to keep something like this under wraps and away from media or mainstream medical attention.

The institution i live next to is full of people (I’ll not be specific so as to give away the exact location here) and they may also be at risk.

The Hum needs to be fully investigated.

– d.g.w.


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  1. Gracie Parrish

    So this go’s back to where man will destroy his self. Thanks,Gp.

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