“Shakedown” art

Why is no one saying the obvious? That the big Gulf of Mexico oil spill might be an act of terrorism? Islamic terrorism? Because, politically-speaking, this might put the blame squarely on the current administration? And with the congressional mid-term elections barely 3 and-a-half months away this would be unacceptable?

But it makes no sense that no one is considering the possibility, at least not that I have heard. Nor are many people much less even venturing to guess at the cause of the spill. Maybe we are still working through the how – since the spill is not yet contained. But wouldn’t it help to know the “why” as well as the “how”?

Halliburton good…BP better!

Some, for example in Congress (the media take their cues from politicians, sadly), began to lay blame on Halliburton (purportedly in charge of cementing Deepwater Horizon’s drill underwater during the oil rig’s construction). Then, taking a cue from the Obama admininistration, the media swung in the direction of laying sole blame on BP (especially as, hmm…convenient isn’t it?…the government began to realize the cash cow that a British Petroleum payout would be!). British Newspaper The Guardian points to Cameron Industries, manufacturer of the “blowout-preventer”. But perhaps this 177 year-old American company doesn’t have enough moolah for the Obama admin. “shakedown” artists?

Filmmaker and investigative reporter James Fox’s account of the “total media blackout” at the scene only lends support to the terrorism theory.

People ought naturally to be asking, “why?” as well has “how”. But they aren’t, at least not in the mainstream media, because the media take their cues from politicians and White House. I’m continually amazed at the power the Executive branch has in directing public debate. And the Executive is supposed to be “co-equal” with the Supreme Court and Congress? hmm.


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