David Icke

Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More

By David Icke (Copyright 2010, David Icke)

Review by d.g.w [see also https://wilhed.wordpress.com/essays/]

You’re a bookstore clerk wondering in which section to place this book. The title, Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More gives few clues. Lions? Sleep No More? You flip to the middle – Neil Hague’s impressively vivid, high print quality color graphics. “Science-Fiction”? You turn it over and read the back-cover: “astounding secrets and suppressed information” and “global Orwellian state.“ “Politics” section? Under Mr. Icke’s photo you see not a bio but a review by Project Camelot. Bingo! We’ll place it in the “Conspiracy” section. If not then “New Age” is your final guess. “New Age” (assuming your bookstore has such a section.) would have been my guess, but “Conspiracy”, a definite modern-day genre, fits the bill for Human Race Get Off Your Knees, Mr. Icke’s 14th and latest book (copyright 2010 David Icke).

David Icke is well known and well respected by many, but equally ridiculed or written-off by others. (He is fairly ignored by the mainstream media, particularly in the U.S.).

David Icke has been a household name in the UK: he played football professionally for some years, was a popular BBC television presenter, and for a time the UK Green Party National Spokesman. Icke is particularly well known in the UFO-research community for his work on the “Reptilian” phenomenon (Children of the Matrix, 2003). But he also presents hard-hitting critiques of politics, culture, globalization, the media, academia, and events like 9/11 and the Middle-East conflicts. His renown in America grew with the 2002 publication of Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster: Why the official story of 9/11 is a Monumental Lie.

His specialty is presenting his work to audiences large and small, from Brixton Academy, London, to Slovenia, to UFO Conferences in L.A. (He spoke at Benaroya Hall in Seattle in 2009.)

Human Race Get Off Your Knees reads like a compendium of Icke’s earlier material. The subject matter is esoteric and metaphysical, but its style is conversational and unpretentious – though equally verbose and often repetitious. Topics range from political and economic conspiracy theories, to physics, to space and extraterrestrials (ETs), to the nature of reality. An ambitious scope, but David Icke is an ambitious man.  One gets the feeling that if Icke hadn’t a deadline he’d have turned “Human Race” into an encyclopedia! Finding a topic on which he doesn’t have an opinion becomes difficult as the reader journeys down “through the Rabbit Hole”, to borrow a trademark phrase from his lectures.

We read historical speculation: “Before the [earth] cataclysms, there was a global society based on a common religion and knowledge.”

We read facts: “Goldman Sachs paid [Larry] Summers $135,000 for a single day’s ‘appearance’ in 2008.”

We read about “The Moon Matrix,” and Icke’s calling card – extraterrestrial/interdimensional entities.

And of course, we read exciting fodder for UFO-conspiracy enthusiasts: “The Reptilians and the Greys began the process of manipulating the human-energy field, or body, to control humanity’s sense of reality, and humans experienced an ever-degenerating state of awareness” (p 228). He concludes that “Humans are sustenance to the Reptilians – we are their food source” (p. 287) and control us via “hacked” information transmitted to us via “the Moon Matrix.” As “interdimensional entities”, these “Reptilians” are the dark culprit in this book; a recurring theme and key premise to the book. The Reptilian theme ties in with “The Moon Matrix”, and idea of the The Moon Matrix (see also Knight, Christopher, and Butler, Alan: Who Built The Moon?. Watkins 2007) wins out as the main idea of Human Race Get Off Your Knees.

Problem is, many will agree wholeheartedly with 90% of Icke’s ideas, particularly the sections on corporations, “the control structure”, and Icke’s theory of “Problem-Reaction-Solution”…until he gets to the “Reptilians” – problematic because Icke rests so much else on that one premise. The Reptilian issue is still the number one sticking point for this book.

An alternate approach is to read on and “take what you will and leave the rest.”

Another problem is Icke’s sources – unlike his previous works, he eschews end-of-chapter references for a bibliography (65 citations total). Cited sources are relatively few considering the breadth of material covered, though easily twice as many are found in-text.

But Icke is stubborn, and the flow of the book is such that if you don’t accept one premise, the author leaves fewer and fewer outlets for agreeing to the overall thread. The scope may be too grand for one book.

Fortunately, we also get Icke’s trademark “New Age”-esque optimism (Section II: “The Lion Foils the Game Plan”): “Unmanifest ‘Oneness’ is where we find love in its true sense and so Infinite Love is the only truth, everything else is illusion” (p. 389).

Thus, it is possible to read the book without agreeing with everything Mr. Icke says. That being said, Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More must be read with a very open mind.

– David G. Wilhelm
January 2011


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  1. Paul Rubino

    The truth is very important …

    David Icke: Methods Of A Madman
    http://tinyurl.com/6u9hmo4 (video)

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