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Change Gmail name

Do you have “suchandsuchandsuch” as the name that shows up in quotes next to your Gmail address?  Are you using your first and last name but worry about this showing up online wherever you send an email? Change it!

There are two obvious ways:


1)  Log in to Gmail/Google mail.

2)  At the upper right of your browser, click your email address to reveal a drop-down list.

3)  Click Account  Settings. The Google accounts screen opens, with subheadings Profile, Personal Settings, and *My  Products down below.

4)  Under the Profile subheading, click Edit your personal info. The Edit personal information screen appears.

5)  Using the “First name” and “Last name” fields, change the name associated with the Gmail account (the purpose of the “nickname” field is unclear. You don’t have to use your full name; however, the “Last name: ” field requires at least one alpha character. It doesn’t have to be your full name, and better that it not be, for security purposes.)

*NOTE: Under the My Products subheading you will see icons for the various Google apps – Analytics, Book Search, Docs, etc. If you need global access to these apps, here is one page for that.


The other way is simply to repeat steps 1) – 3) but navigate to the Edit Personal information screen via Personal Settings instead – that’s the section just to the right of the Profile subheading on the Google Accounts page). You will see the list “Security, Dashboard, and Email addresses, Multiple sign-in, and Connected accounts.”

1)  Under Personal Settings < Email addresses  click “Edit.” The very same Edit personal information screen appears.

2)  Edit the information in the name fields to change the name associated with your Gmail account.

– dgw



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WHO report on mobile phone electromagnetic fields

There has been much recent research into the matter in light of the World Health Organization’s recent findings that (surprise surprise) cell phones cause cancer. Here’s the original paper that caused all the stir:  Or rather, cell phone signals cause cancer. “Electromagnetic fields and public health: mobile phones [Fact sheet N°193 May 2010] “

Wireless signals and cell phone signals – ambient yet powerful electromagnetic radiation – are crisscrossing our skulls every moment of every day and night. What the WHO probably knows and does hint at here is that in addition to the cancer causality, such radiation has subtler affects –  such as interfering w/ the body’s natural energy field; and the other hint is that wireless Internet signals also fall in a similar category, but I think the WHO yielded on that subject…too controversial.

Nature; ecosystems; organisms are highly sensitive. Nature and the human body are also adaptive, yes, but the newness and worldwide barrage has to be causing something.


I use a Clear USB modem for Internet, though I’ve modded it to create a LAN w/ normal wi-fi frequency, but these 4G signals are strong. If I use it with my desktop, it’s sitting there, sticking up right between my legs! I’ve sinced moved the motherboard box.

I’ve heard from some sources that wireless signals can even modulate – as in move – like an amplitude meter arrow – certain of the liquid organic matter in the human brain. My cousin, who has an M.F.A. in Creative Writing almost completely eschews computers, preferring to write longhand. If he has to write with a keyboard, he’ll make sure the Internet is turned off, where possible. This comes from advice from people in the publishing industry, screenwriters, and other writer friends generally. The Internet and cell phone signal radiation affect our brains.

I enjoy writing on my blog and I can say without a doubt that it is easier – when writing a difficult or nuanced piece – that I’m better off doing it w/ Windows Live Writer or on Notepad or paper first. It’s always handy to have the Web there to look up info – especially if you write on technology like I do – but it’s easy enough to turn it off, and back on when needed.

We need to figure out some shield; some radiation-absorbing material to aid w/ this problem. Perhaps construction/zoning codes should be revised to include such shielding in apartment building walls – interior and external walls. Or, for the WiMax/3G/4G “hotspot” technologies that are now proliferating (even phones are thus capable – Google’s Android, for example)

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Alfred L. Webre Interviews Laura Magdalene Eisenhower




Two brave souls and spiritual warriors.

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Orwell, 1936

Orwell on modern life:


Obviously, modern mechanized life becomes dreary if you let it. The awful thraldom of money is upon everyone and there are only three immediately obvious escapes. Ones is religion, another is unending work, the third is the kind of sluttish antinomianism – lying in bed til four in the afternoon, drinking Pernod -…it is possible to be a normal decent person and yet to be fully alive.


– From review of Orwell short story “The Rockpool,” by Cyril Connolly, New English Weekly. 23 July 1936.


   Sound familiar? But do we today have Orwell’s 1930s ending note of optimism?




Orwell on incarceration:

(one might substitute “jail” here for solitude and loneliness in general):


Actually, the cold, rigid discipline of a modern English jail, the solitude, the silence, the everlasting lock-and-key, is more cruel and far more demoralising than the barbarous punishments of the Middle Ages. Worse than the loss of liberty, worse even than sexual deprivation, is boredom.


– From review of “Walls Have Mouths”, by W.F.R. Macartney, with Prologue, Epilogue, and Comments on the Chapters by   Compton Mackenzie. The Adelphi November 1936.



                           – d.g.w.




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The Gulf oil spill happened on Hitler’s birthday – was that a coincidence or sick humor on the part of a knowing party?

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Health-Care Bill: The tip of the iceberg

According to news reports, much of this thousand-plus page U.S. Health-Care Bill has yet to be written (wait, how can Congress pass, and the President sign, a bill into law that has not been written and that many Congressmen have admittedly not read? Maybe I’m old-fashioned…). Despite this, many new regulations are spelled out for anyone to read. The anti-tyranny blog Orwell’s Dreams identified “mandatory micro chipping of civilians” in  Subtitle C-11 Sec. 2521, National Medical Device Registry. It states,

The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the registry, to facilitate analysis of postmarked safety and outcomes data on each device that; (A) is or has been used in or on a patient; (B) is a class III device; or a class II device that is implantable.\

Of course there are always caveats, and the legalese makes it difficult to determine exactly what these regulations would actually do. But give it time. A “Brave New World” takes time to be constructed though with the passage of this gargantuan new government program is the steel-beamed foundation for what’s to come. Now that the cement is drying, those in power can begin the process of constricting Americans’ freedom down to 1984 levels. The Federal Health-Care system will become a massive, labyrinthine bureaucracy unaccountable to no one. It will become an overgrown weed; probably a carnivorous one at that.

This is no joke. Micro chipping is even used currently. Pets are micro chipped to make sure they can be found if lost. There has been talk of micro chipping young children for the same reason.

Your passport has a microchip embedded, for easy scanning and tracking by the authorities (in the name of tracking potential terrorists travelling internationally).

The New World Order has been pushing for chipping every human-being as a means to consolidate world government and to further chain and cuff us; to quash dissent; and in the end, to guarantee a compliant, enslaved populace with whom they might do as they wish.

The Orwellian future is upon us.

But it’s not too late. It’s now up to us to recognize it and to take action. Education is key.

Resistance at all levels will be needed at this point.  Resistance by intellectuals and by academia and by independent journalism to out these atrocities against liberty is important. And when it comes down to it, physical resistance or revolt will more than likely be necessary in order to show our out-of-control, un-Constitutional government that Americans will not sit idly accept this tyranny. America’s founding documents were created in conscious opposition to just this – monarchical/oligarchal tyranny (the tyranny of Kings) – and the 10th Amendment has it that the States retain those powers not granted to the federal government.

It is encouraging that many states’ Attorneys General have filed suit against the U.S. Health-Care Bill. This is only the opening salvo in what will, unfortunately be a long and grueling effort to return our nation to the people and out of the hands of the corrupt bankers and politicians and NWO people who will stop at nothing to stomp our rights into the mud as it suits them.

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