Zeitgeist and Ancient History

Question: The first half of Zeitgeist, that influential, groundbreaking film, showed the incredible similarities in religious stories and mythology across the world. Why the uncanny parallels? Are these religious fables just that, or do they derive from history; a history deeper and more involved than the anno dominii 1 textbook history that is generally taught?

Does humanity rise and fall, as Gibbon would have it, like empires do – albeit on a greatly extended timeline? as 2012 nears (or is it here?) that date purportedly coincides with the end of the Mayan “Long-Count” calendar; an astrologically-based clock. This “coincidence” of end dates has spurred a fresh look into ancient civilizations and ancient knowledge; and with globalization, and as modern techno-society and the worldwide environmental crisis begins to weigh on all of us (not just some of us, as in years before), we look to the past for answers:

Hyperborea (gr. “Golden Age”) may have flourished much further down into the past beyond that “Classical” era of Greece, Rome, and the Near East that historians traditionally romanticize. The roots of Civilization may lie untold thousands of years deeper.

Egyptologists and some archaeologists point to Atlantis, which, contrary to conventional wisdom, not a myth. Some believe Atlantis to have been a virtually worldwide civilization, evidenced by curious geomantic and cultural similarities uncovered in regions ranging from the “Bermuda Triangle” to Polynesia. The latter even goes by its own regional name, “Mu.”

The problem with authentication of Atlantis is then twofold: first, its antiquity, generally agreed to be at least 10 millennia B.P.A. (before present age); and second, the nature of its demise. What happened to Atlantis? The general consensus is that earth cataclysm either destroyed, or at the very least had these ancestors of ours “abandon ship” – literally, as water flooded the earth.

With the seas came destruction of any present-day archaeological evidence, which is why if we do find any more remains, then, like the bulk of that evidence we do have, underwater is where to look! The Oceans are 70 percent of Earth’s surface, yet we know more about the topography of the moon than we do the Ocean floor. Many have heard the term “Atlantis” bandied about, but the majority view its existence on Earth as a myth.

So what happened? If Atlantis, or Mu – another name for a supposed ancient, worldwide civilization – flourished as a large, spiritually and technologically advanced civiliazation, where is the physical evidence? The general consensus is that earth cataclysm either destroyed, or at the very least had these ancestors of ours “abandon ship”, literally, as water flooded the earth. Some go further and want to debate the nature of the earth cataclysm, and these fall into three camps:

Note: The below list comes not from Internet speculation; I’m not Googling or wikipedia-ing any of this information. Rather, the below is conventional wisdom on the matter of Atlantis, brought to us by the ceaseless work of people devoted to piecing together the problem of history.

1) Earth Cataclysm
Magnetic pole-shift. An oft-mentioned theory, earth pole shifts have been recorded as having occurred many times in Earth’s history, possibly even in Paleo- or Neolithic times — but it is unknown how a pole-flip might affect an advanced civilization. Consequences could have been mass tectonic activity, and flooding.
Cosmic collision. With either a “Planet X”, otherwise known as “Nibiru” (so-named by Zachariah Sitchen, as derived from ancient Sumerian; or, vis a vis Richard C. Hoagland, a core-planet realiagnment involving Mars, Earth, and possibly Venus, by way of an orbital shift in the gas giant Jupiter (though Hoagland places such an event as much farther back in time than the conventional Atlantean-era).

2) Extraterrestrial Intervention
Atlantis lost? Perhaps it was destroyed. The “Controllers” – whoever they are: a hybrid human-alien bloodline (present-day Illuminati, or “Illuminated Ones”) acting as ultimate puppetmaster; or cybernetic “grays” doing the bidding of unseen masters; or, an increasingly popular and sinister idea (popularized by former UK Green Party Spokesman David Icke), the shapeshifting race of interdimensional “Reptilian entities.”

Speculation ranges from outright attack by hostile ETs/entities to a more complicated “space war” between various alien races that, inadvertantly or not, at some critical point in our planet’s history spilled over. This fits with the “ancient aliens” theory of religion promoted by Erik Von Daniken and Jordan Maxwell, that this “cataclysm” would have come down to us through the ages as the polytheistic traditions of wars/disputes between gods and demi-gods. For example, early Coptic Christian and Hebrew/Biblical Old Testament stories.

The latter theory is fodder for speculation, fantasy, or outright science-fiction. The possibility remains, but any physical evidence of theory 2) – or evidence tying 1) to 2) – is either non-existent, currently out-of-reach, or must be pieced together tangentially.

An open-minded approach to Egyptology and another look at Sitchen’s theories of Sumeria and Babylonia. There was a recent discovery in the ancient region of Cappadocia, that archaeologists say amounts to an ancient “underground city,” with tunnels and a relatively sophisticated ventilation and “plumbing” system whose modern-day equivalent would be an underground bunker or base. The site is very ancient.

3. Interplanetary Civilization
Cosmology and Mars research, still in its infancy, may provide clues particularly as it relates to theory 1, Earth Cataclysm. Richard C. Hoagland and Michael C. Bara’s current, yet-to-be published work on their sequel to Dark Mission: A Secret History of NASA will likely provide more pieces to the puzzle. Hoagland’s pioneering work Monuments of Mars provided the first verifiable evidence of a possible interplanetary civilization. Whether human or alien is unknown or disputed.


– d.g.w. 2/1/11




Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More, by David Icke (Copyright 2010, David Icke).

Short version of this review published @

© 2011 David Wilhelm / Seattle Metaphysical Library.


You’re a bookstore clerk wondering in which section to place this book. The title, Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More, gives few clues. Lions? Get Off Your Knees? Sounds like a scene off a bad movie script. You flip to the middle – Neil Hague’s vivid, Salvador Dali-meets-Adobe Illustrator glossy-paged graphics – “Science-Fiction”? You read the back-cover: “astounding secrets and suppressed information” and “global Orwellian state.“ “Politics” section? Under the author’s photo you see not a bio but a review by Project Camelot. Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan in the Arizona desert comes to mind – “New Age” section! But yours is a modern bookstore and they got rid of that bookshelf back in the early ‘90s. You do a quick skim and Bingo! You’ll place it in the “Conspiracy” section. “Conspiracy”, a growing genre of literature, fits the bill this, David Icke’s 14th and latest book (published 2010).

The Author

Some background is important here: David Icke is a British writer and lecturer in the field of “alternative” research. He has published at least 14 books and a slew of DVD productions. His specialty is lecture/presentation, where Icke has recorded countless lectures work to audiences large and small, from Brixton Academy, London; to Slovenia, to UFO Conferences in L.A. He spoke at Benaroya Hall in Seattle in 2009.

Born on the Isle of Wight off England, Icke is a nationally known figure in the U.K.: he played football professionally in the ‘80s, was a popular BBC television presenter after that, and for a time the UK Green Party National Spokesman. Icke is particularly well known in the UFO-research community for his work on the “Reptilian” phenomenon (Children of the Matrix, 2003). His lectures typically focus on spiritual self-help coupled with very hard-hitting critiques of politics, culture, globalization, the media, academia, and events like 9/11 and the Middle-East conflicts. His renown in America grew with the 2002 publication of Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster: Why the official story of 9/11 is a Monumental Lie.


Human Race Get Off Your Knees reads like a compendium of Icke’s earlier material. The subject matter is esoteric and metaphysical, but its style is conversational and unpretentious – though equally verbose and often repetitious. Topics range from political and economic conspiracy theories, to physics, to space and extraterrestrials (ETs), to the nature of reality. An ambitious scope, but David Icke is an ambitious man.  One gets the feeling that if Icke hadn’t a deadline he’d have turned “Human Race” into an encyclopedia! Finding a topic on which he doesn’t have an opinion becomes difficult as the reader journeys down “through the Rabbit Hole”, to borrow a trademark phrase from his lectures.

A note of caution: with this kind of writing – highly polemic – in the end we as the reader retain the final choice as to whether we are reading science-fiction or “alternative research.”

In Section I of the book, we read historical speculation: “Before the [earth] cataclysms, there was a global society based on a common religion and knowledge.”

We read facts: “Goldman Sachs paid [Larry] Summers $135,000 for a single day’s ‘appearance’ in 2008.”

We read about “The Moon Matrix,” how our brains are decoding false “vibrational information” transmitted from the moon (what Icke calls “The Moon Matrix,” Chapter 19/p. 405) – information “hacked” from its “mother” source, the Sun.

Icke uses our modern wireless Internet as a metaphor for how our brains decode energetic information into physical reality. This “virtual” reality is the premise behind Icke’s fantastical, science-fiction inspired ideas: the “holographic Universe”; the “body-computer”; “The Cosmic Internet”; The “Moon-Matrix,” etc.

Human Race Get Off Your Knees is exciting fodder for UFO-enthusiast and government conspiracy theorist alike:

The Reptilians and the Greys began the process of manipulating the human-energy field, or body, to control humanity’s sense of reality, and humans experienced an ever-degenerating state of awareness (p. 228)

Icke concludes that “Humans are sustenance to the Reptilians – we are their food source” (p. 287) and control us via “hacked” information transmitted to via “the Moon Matrix.” As “interdimensional entities”, these “Reptilians” are the dark culprit in this book; a recurring theme and key premise to the book. The Reptilian theme ties in with “The Moon Matrix.” (see also Knight, Christopher, and Butler, Alan: Who Built The Moon?. Watkins 2007) wins out as the main idea of Human Race Get Off Your Knees.

Mr. Hague’s trippy, 32-page color graphic interlude comes as a useful visual aid to the writing, and divides the book into roughly two sections. The latter sections deal with

1) The “controllers’ “Game Plan[s]” against humanity, and

2) How best we, humanity, can thwart them.

But Icke is stubborn, and the flow of the book is such that if you don’t accept one premise, the author leaves fewer and fewer outlets for agreeing to the overall thread. Overall, the scope is too grand for one book.

Fortunately, we also get Icke’s trademark New Age-esque optimism (Section II: “The Lion Foils the Game Plan”): “Unmanifest ‘Oneness’ is where we find love in its true sense and so Infinite Love is the only truth, everything else is illusion” (p. 389).

Thus, it is possible to read Icke without agreeing with everything he says.

Being well-known, well-respected, whilst equally ridiculed (or, more often, ignored) for some fantastical contentions, Mr. Icke is no different than many on the cutting-edge of science and “alternative research.” The difference is that Icke holds nothing back: he says he goes where the evidence leads him (notwithstanding that his sources include psychics and “Channelers”…). In Icke’s defense, today’s “crazy” is tomorrow’s prophet (à la Galileo and many, many others living in special times in history). Icke’s position on what he chooses to publish has to do with a deep-seated, decidedly British notion of liberty: Icke quotes Orwell at the start of Chapter 2, “Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear (p. 14).” The latter quote sums up Icke’s personal view of his own mission in life, and bearing this in mind we gain a perspective on his presumptuous, turgid style.

In conclusion, this book must be read with a very open mind.

Human Race Get Off Your Knees is an audacious, ambitious title for a book. But this is an ambitious book, comprising 645 pages, 29 pages of appendixes and, as a well-needed interlude, British artist and author Neil Hague provides the book-cover painting of the Avatar-esque lion visage, and his supplement the reader’s understanding and help ground its written content. Grayscale Hague illustrations appear every two or three pages.

David Icke is well known, well respected by many, but, again, equally ridiculed or written-off. (He is fairly blacklisted by the mainstream media. He is a household name in the UK: he played football professionally for some years; was a popular BBC television presenter; and was for a time the UK Green Party National Spokesman. Icke is particularly well known in the UFO-research community for his work on the “Reptilian” phenomenon (Children of the Matrix, 2003). But he also presents hard-hitting critiques of politics, culture, globalization, the media, academia; and events like “9/11” and the middle-east conflicts. His renown in America grew with the 2002 publication of Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster: Why the official story of 9/11 is a Monumental Lie.

The first three chapters of Human Race Get Off Your Knees are introductory and autobiographical (old hat to those familiar with Mr. Icke’s work).

With chapters 4 – 7 the author lays an historical groundwork for the supposed existence of a “global conspiracy” — a conspiracy administered by a global elite, the Illuminati (much of this is a rehash of 2007’s The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy perhaps his hardest hitting, best-researched work).

This latest book does away with Icke’s usual end-of-chapter works cited with page numbers in favor of an end-of-book bibliography. This leaves his statements and sources open to criticism (or accusations of carelessness). “Serious non-fiction” typically includes reference notes in tandem with a bibliography (Merriam Webster’s Guide to Punctuation and Style (2nd ed.). 2001. Springfield, MA: Merriam-Webster. p. 173.)


Icke’s views on the machinations of world power conjure Orwell, though Icke ventures further, delving into history and science alike for fresh answers and pieces the puzzle. His view on how the power structures control populations and perpetuate their power rests on his theory “Problem – Reaction – Solution” – a solid framework for explaining world events. This, he believes, was the key to 9/11, and why globalization of commerce and surveillance spreads unchecked.

The “Illuminati”, or “bloodline families” as he terms it, makes for intriguing reading.

Mr. Icke begins with a historical synopsis of the Sumer/Babylon origins of the Illuminati, pointing to the historical region of Khazar as the destination of some of the “Sumerian” the “bloodline families’ ” (part of the “Illuminati”), who then took a route west to Europe. These chapters deal with what Icke terms “Rothschild Zionism” (from the infamous European Rothschild family). For Mr. Icke, the Rothschilds (“Redshield” in German) are a major key to the puzzle of the current global power game. Chapter 6 begins with “You simply cannot understand the global conspiracy without knowing the background…“We are led to believe that the Rothschilds are a family of biblical Jews and therefore originate in Old Testament Egypt and Israel [p. 79].”

“Sumerian and Babylonian peoples migrated north into an area near the Caucasus” as well as east, eventually forming the kingdom of Khazaria…AD 740, the King…adopted the religion of Judaism and the whole nation [did likewise].” [T]hese converts to Judaism moved north to become the East European Jewish communities…Among them were the Rothschilds [p. 79].”

Mr. Icke quotes Tel Aviv University History Professor Shlomo Sand’s The Invention of the Jewish People:

“Ben Zion Dinur, the father of Israeli historiography, was not hesitant about describing the Khazars as the origin of the Jews in Eastern Europe.”

The Khazar people, Jewish converts nearly a millennium after Jesus was born, “became known as ‘Jews’, and a “false history and origin was constructed by their leadership and priesthood (the bloodlines) claiming them as descendants of the biblical Israelites.” (p. 83).

A Haaretz (a major Israeli daily) review of Sand’s book, according to Icke, “sums up Sand’s findings”: “…19th century intellectuals of Jewish origin in Germany, influenced by the folk character of German nationalism, took upon themselves the task of inventing a people ‘retrospectively’, out of a thirst to create a modern Jewish people.”

Current politics is largely avoided, but Icke does go into the usual suspects mentioned by Alex Jones and others: The Federal Reserve, the major U.S. Banks (Goldman Sachs in particular), and the umbrella organizations associated (Trilateral Commission, World Bank, IMF, Bilderberg Group, etc.). Some needed points are also made as to the make-up of the current U.S. administration (and the prior Bush regime):

“There is an extraordinary ratio of Rothschild Zionists to positions of power when you think that the Jewish people make up no more than   two per cent of the American population, and some of those won’t be Zionists. Jewish people, again far from all of them Zionists, are just 0.2 percent of the world population. This makes the ratio of Rothschild Zionists to positions of power and influence absolutely fantastic.“

These facts are relevant to the state of affairs in the Middle East, but fortunately Icke moves on to the overall control structures to make his point – namely the infamous Illuminati – the above all end-all – and does not dwell on such ethnic/provincial questions where accusations of “anti-Semitism” might threaten to derail his credibility and the flow of the book.

Chapter 7 details the history of the Rothschild family and its political/economic machinations and makes for interesting, revealing reading, but he does not use in-text citations or end-of-chapter references. Instead, he leaves sources for the bibliography at the end of the book. But, true to the science-fiction bent of this lengthy volume, he strives repeatedly to remind the reader that reality is a construct (a la Chomsky, Derrida, Zizek, and others with better academic credentials/official credence), and quotes the great sci-fi writer Philp K. Dick (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, etc.)

Luckily again, Icke takes a dip into the climate change debate (giving Al Gore and company a healthy dose of vitriol), but Icke mostly avoids politics in favor of Chapters 9 and 10, (cleverly named “He Said They’re What?” and  “Serpent Worship” (pgs. 194; 29 an explication of what many (I myself) have in the back of our minds when reading Icke — Reptilians. Wtf? Indeed.

III. Reptile Mythology and The Nature of Reality

Here Icke doesn’t take the bait and give us any exciting, scary tales of inter-species/inter-dimensional sex (damn it!). Rather, he goes into a scrupulously documented history of the worldwide “Serpent” mythology, whose roots reach across history and across continents and cultures. Icke’s research on the extent of “Serpent worship” and “Serpent symbolism” — then and now — is staggering and gives pause. It would seem that Mr. Icke is sensitive to all the ballyhoo associated with “Reptilian” and “David Icke.”

Reptilians. The crux of the issue with these guys are that they are not only aliens, but “interdimensional” and “shape-shifters”; and that “[h]umans are sustenance to the Reptilians – we are their food source.” (For more details, read on, or consult his book on the subject, Children of the Matrix.

The latter part of the book deals with the “nature of reality”. Skipping over most of the mathematics and hard physics (thank goodness), Mr. Icke delves into esoteric, metaphysical, as well as speculative concepts. He attempts to ground such concepts (many are well known to physics but yet to be explained to the layman) with familiarity, such as The Matrix movies. This works in Mr. Icke’s favor, although relying too few sources becomes a slight problem. For example, nearly all of Chapter 11 “Encoded Truth” lays out word associations that the reader is expected to accept at face value (see the bulleted list on pp. 263-264). The latter pages of the chapter rely solely on the testimony of one Pierre Sabak, whose real name is unknown (a nom de plume), and whose work was, according to Icke, not yet published, but “emailed” to him by Neil Hague.

Around a 100 pages are devoted to the nature of reality: “the holographic universe”; the “body-mind computer”; the “Time Loop” – all part of a “virtual-reality universe”.

In a nutshell, Icke cites recent scientific research about quantum physics to argue that matter — what we perceive as a solid object — is merely vibrating “waveform(s)” and this is one of Human Race Get Off Your Knees’ main points. Reality is only what are “five-senses” can perceive, and humanity is “imprisoned” in this five-sense reality. The spectrum of visible light, for example, is miniscule compared with the the spectrum as a whole. This provides an analogy

I found these sections difficult and perhaps disorganized. These are concepts best left to physics, but Icke’s point is that we are living in a “Matrix”-esque false reality. Icke’s use of The Matrix movie provides a good visualization for these difficult, estoric concepts.

Much of the latter material is a rehash of Icke’s Love is the Only Truth Everything Else is Illusion (2005). For whatever reason, Mr. Icke feels the need to recap his previous books whenever he releases a new one…

Again (and thankfully), at page 440, Neil Hague’s 32-page color illustration section provides a much needed color interlude:

IV. ”GAME PLAN”: Foiled

Chapters 20 through 27 dispense with the doom and gloom and complexities and here is where Mr. Icke is at his best. Each Chapter provides advice and a “Plan” to dismantle “the Control System” (“The Control System will Fall!” is a favorite phrase from David Icke speeches).

It is a relief to hear a voice of optimism in this genre of alternative/conspiracy research that is filled with such doom and gloom.

Comprising 200 pages, the latter half of Human Race Get Off Your Knees returns to the original themes of “the control system” but reveals how they are vulnerable and “will fall”. It is inspirational reading, though again verbose in parts. Perhaps the most powerful point in humanity’s favor, Icke argues, is that “they are few and we are many”; and that the “Controllers” are scared (hence the rising Orwellian State” we are now witnessing). The book closes with a recap of Mr. Icke’s personal journey, and with a call to action (Chapter 28: Call to Action; Chapter 29: The Uprising) reminiscent of his motivational-style speeches (Icke may be a more talented speaker/lecturer than writer. The book ends with a poem that alludes to the cover illustration  (Neil Hague’s blue and green Earth superimposed on the face of a Lion):

Rise like lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number,
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you —
Ye are many — they are few.

“Selected verse from The Mask of Anarchy by Percy Bysshe Shelley. It was written after the Peterloo massacre carried out by the British government in Manchester in 1819 against people who had gathered to demand the reform of parliamentary representation.”

[From”Rise Like Lions,” poetry/verse section of Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More]


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