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UFO Truth Conference Washington State

UPDATE 3/4/11:

Curious information relating to the 2011 UFO Truth Conference surfaced on CoasttoCoastam.com, and was brought to this blog’s attention via Charlie A. of Truthevent.com.):

The William A. Bugge Bridge on Washington state’s Olympic peninsula was unexpectedly closed for an hour on Saturday, February 26, as an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine transited Hood Canal. The submarine was escorted by an Island-class cutter of the U.S. Coast Guard and several additional ships and small craft. Area residents have observed increased activity out of Naval Base Kitsap in recent weeks.

Parapolitical.com 3/4/11


An SSBN transit. February 26 was the same day as the Conference (see below), which was held at a (supposedly) decommissioned Navy fort. Many coincidences in this world…



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Port Townsend on the Olympic Pen.

Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula. February 26, 2011.

Amid a growing number of conferences and informal meetups around the country, the “UFO Truth” Conference was held at an abandoned military barracks on the Olympic Peninsula this February 26. Meetup.com and SUFON helped promote the event.

Fort Worden State Park

Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend, WA. USA, February 26, 2011.

Braving transportation difficulties (where the heck is this place??), grey blustery cold, and flurries, an audience filled Fort Worden State Park USO building to hear three leading UFO researchers…

James Clarkson slide

James Clarkson, retired WA police officer, presents sightings submitted to MUFON.

MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) – the umbrella organization for UFO reports at the national level is, perhaps because of its breadth and its numbers, rife w/ infighting and switcheroos; the like, to match any political party. (and don’t be fooled – the UFO/E.T. phenomenon has, in the last five years, and particularly in the last two, reached a critical mass that places it well within the realm of a “political movement”). Washington State MUFON (now ex) Director and ex-civilian and military police officer James Clarkson presented slides and a no-nonsense angle.

Some express surprise a Clarkson’s 20-year career as a cop. Does that make his testimony doubly hard-hitting? Others counter that there are few who have heard more UFO reports than law enforcement…but still, say for example you call the Seattle PD and say, I saw a UFO and a bunch of lights came down – green, blue and pink! It’s right above my house! Could you send an officer please now!!!”). But it doesn’t mean that, beneath the professional veneer, these men and women don’t have eyes and ears like the rest of us.


    British writer and ufologist Nicholas Redfern

British writer and ufologist Nicholas Redfern (Sy-Fi, MSNBC, CNN, etc.). Is that Reagan? Redfern had some very deep, novel ideas. His scope may have outreached this particular American audience...

Writer Nicholas Redfern, from England, presented his view on the socio-religious implications of the alien phenomenon, referencing Aleister Crowley and the occult – “aliens as demons/demonic” entities. Redfern also related a story about a priest he’d interviewed who was purportedly involved in U.S. Government efforts to contact the “Grays” telepathically.

Evidence and testimony obtained  showed that the experiments made some headway; albeit that success was tempered by a strange milieu of technological malfunction and physical sickness on the part of the experiment’s participants (not out of the ordinary to those familiar w/ the so-called “Grays.” (Also called “Zetas,” in reference to their purported home-base in the Zeta-Reticuli star-system).


Nick Redfern @ UFO Truth WA 2011

Nicholas Redfern, Port Townsend, WA USA. February 26, 2011.

Mr. Redfern referenced the pop-culture aspect of “the alien”, for example Whitley Streiber‘s series of books (Streiber’s Communion was made into a Hollywood movie). As for the priest and the telepathy experiments, Streiber’s books on the Greys, Redfern believes, contain info gleaned from just such government efforts (secrets have a way of worming their way into the mainstream in one form or fashion, as the great Richard Hoagland points out)

For the record, Redfern has made some very mainstream media appearances, including the Sy-Fi Channel, CNN, and MSNBC.


Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion: (left to right) Clarkson (MUFON WA), Redfern, Davenport (NUFORC).

Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, USA, (and featured in this past issue of Seattle Weekly [http://www.seattleweekly.com/2011-02-09/news/peter-davenport-believes-in-ufos/]), distilled the UFO problem down to five “questions” (below). Davenport revealed to the audience some very compelling NUFORC-reported sightings – of which the Center has catalogued thousands upon thousands –  and featured some fascinating audio recordings of phone calls.

Peter Davenport

National UFO Reporting Center Director Peter Davenport.

The “Phoenix Lights”

Davenport provided the best overall schematic of this vast and difficult field (a tough subject for one person to tackle in a slide presentation…). Davenport, nationally-known in the field of ufology and a man with many insider contacts, closed his presentation with a recap of the 1997 “Phoenix Lights” – which he considers “the most important UFO-event in modern times.”

Clarkson, Redfern, Davenport panel discussion. Port Townsend, WA. February 26, 2011.

Davenport (above, at right) displayed photographs, maps, and schematics showing the extent of that veritable “armada” of silent craft the infamous night in 1997 (how time flies!).

Using multiple witness testimony as a form of geographic triangulation to pinpoint one of the most visible craft, in one example during his presentation Davenport estimated that just one light on one of the craft equals in size Seattle’s Boeing field!

Davenport alsoprovided some candid insight into (then) Arizona Governor Symington’s awkward position during the ordeal (including Symington’s public statement ten years later that – barring any further U.S. military information on the matter, the craft had to have been “alien spacecraft” (-Fife Symington, 2007).

– d.g.w.


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